At the age of 11, my mother sat me down with a Thoth deck and a yellowed stack of stapled notes collected over her 20+ years of reading Tarot. She told me to quiet my own thoughts and develop confidence in my raw impressions of the imagery in front of me. With slow-paced practice, I grew to love the patterns and symbols that trace their meaning across a spread of cards. 

Having grown up in San Francisco, I have had the privilege of being exposed to a multitude of cultural and spiritual practices over my lifetime. I enjoy incorporating astrology and past life exploration into my sessions, and am sensitive to the many cultural and spiritual backgrounds individuals may carry with them. 

My Mission

Divination, like most spiritual practices, ultimately seeks to resolve turbulences of the heart and mind. Regretfully it has accumulated a history of abuse and misuse, and practitioners can seem stereotypical, theatrical, and false. I am a college educated professional who seeks to share a gift that has helped me and my family immensely, a gift I have been proud to develop over the course of 18 years out of sheer personal enjoyment.

Above all else, I strive for the comfort, safety, and privacy of my clients. My aim is to illuminate the groundwork that has already been laid out for you, and where these structures will lead you in the future. Please let me know how I can best serve you during our time together.

- Rose